Wild Wisdom Retreat

Wild Wisdom Retreat


If you have always wanted to trust yourself unconditionally, always wanted to be centred and self-assured, connected to your core as well as to the universe as a whole, then this retreat is for you.


If you have always yearned to reveal a little more wildness to the world, to live a little more freely, to discover a little more about yourself, then this retreat has your name written all over it.


If you have been giving so much of yourself that there is nothing left for you, and leaves you empty and exhausted, then come and replenish yourself in a sisterhood of unconditional acceptance, and emerge as the wild, wise woman you really are.


“You were born wild, darling, raw, untampered, pure and there is that place deep inside you still untouched by the craziness of the world. That is the place we must seek after with our every breath in this day and age. We were never meant to lose touch with our wild. And it’s not so far away. It emerges on your skin, in your eyes, your smile, and your tears every time you don’t pretend. Every time you allow yourself to be, things will get better. You’ll find your wild again. You’ll find your freedom.”

– S.C. Lourie –


When: 9-12 August 2017

Where: Antbear Lodge

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