What Clients are Saying

Karin Grobler“My previous experience of you as a coach to teachers showed me you are passionate about people and you want them to experience breakthroughs in aspects of their life they are struggling with.

I like working with you because you always challenge my existing ideas and stimulate my thoughts. I like that you strongly suggest ideas but leave it up to me to embrace them and work with them.

You value my opinion and I feel respected as a person around you.

My equus session with you taught me that I must embrace who I am and be confident about my contribution in the world. I don’t have to work hard convincing people to follow my leadership…if I am authentic and relaxed it happens naturally. Then it is easier for people to trust me. When I get nervous and anxious people do not feel safe to follow.

I would recommend your positive energy and enthusiasm to anyone who wants to redirect unhealthy habits and thoughts or who wants to grow in self-discovery or who needs clarity about possible ways to handle difficult situations in their lives.”

Karin Grobler, Missionary


“My expectations were far exceeded.  I wasn’t expecting that it would be as emotional as it was, and I also wasn’t expecting that I would feel such a strong connection to the other members of the group.  I hadn’t realized that one might go into a labyrinth with a question or issue that might want attention.  You opened my mind to so many possibilities.

Loved the silence and how I could connect with myself, with nature, with the earth, and with everyone else in the group.

I could sense that the you were holding a warm, safe space for me as well as for the rest of the group and keeping us together as a coherent group where we were free to explore our own path and at the same time, be connected to the group energy.”

Maryna Smuts, VA and life coach


After a session, I just feel like my spirit is free.

Marian Dalziel


“What I appreciated most about working with you was your whole being and easy manner – the realness of you that was safe & trusting, your compassion and your firmness when it was needed and the thought-provoking questions that made me look long and hard at who I am and what I have been doing to myself. Horse Hug

Working together with the horse made the experience more meaningful and profound because it wasn’t just a discussion between coach and coachee and then you get it at a head level.

This got me at the heart level as I could relate to what you were highlighting to me through his behaviour towards me.  So the partnership or teamwork with the 3 of us was deeply meaningful to my core.

The horse gave validity to what you would most likely have said to me in a coaching session – it was like a double wammy. ”

Joanne Moss


“You are present, perceptive, and intuitive, and able to guide your clients to self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love.”

Judy Klipin, Master Life Coach and Author of “Life Lessons for the Adult Child” (Penguin)


“The experience of walking the labyrinth in a group with you exceeded my expectation:  the collective energy had an effect on me in terms of feeling care and respect for those around me.  I have walked many labyrinths by myself before but found that the sharing of space with others enhanced awareness and self-insight. Your introductory comments were comprehensive and I like that you invited participation from  the group and brought respect and care to the group by your presence and who you are. ”

Adolien Brand, life coach


“I trusted you immediately.’

Mercia Conradie


“I underestimated the depth of what this experience had to offer. And I love that it so clearly showed up my stuff, that I quite easily gained clarity about myself and that I found it so easy to integrate the changes into my world and life –  effortless!

I loved the fact that you, as facilitator held such an amazing space for us, and I loved the energy and support and love that emanated from the group. It was all beyond good.”

Ramona Chalmers, life coach


“I have taken from our work together the insight that life is not a test.  It’s not passing and failing.

I definitely liked working with the horse best, but also answering honestly whatever was put to me.  The questions and answers have helped me put things more into perspective, and helped me realise that life is a daily doing, and not a competition with myself or others.

After our work together, I  feel a lot calmer, and the negative voice has fallen away a bit.  I don’t feel led by the negativity.

I would definitely recommend your services.”

Jackie Conradie, Personal Assistant


“You help me to bluff myself less.”

Thelma Schutte, Teacher


“Thank you so much for all the insights. You really are the best life coach for me.”

Ingrid Schroeder, Reflexologist


“I always thought life coaching was only for melodramatic celebrities with poodles. It was so refreshing to meet you. You had the insight to open my eyes to many shocking blind spots within me. I love your energy, sharp sense of humour and your direct approach. My sessions with you left me feeling simultaneously relieved and empowered.”

Yvonne-Ann, Teacher


I had the privilege of walking a labyrinth, designed, and facilitated by you. You created and held a space for us to connect with something more than our individual selves. My experience was magical and sacred.

Judith Matthis, Life Coach

Gwen Dually Halter Work

Here is a blog post by fellow Martha Beck Life Coach, Gwen Joynerwood, describing her experience of a workshop with Koelle Simpson in 2014 where I helped facilitate some Dually halter work.




“I appreciated the respectful way you presented the opportunity. The individual meditation and journalling time at the end of the group labyrinth walk was great. This time was necessary for the complete assimilation of the experience.”

Jacqueline Teague


“You did a beautiful job facilitating this workshop…I’m so grateful that my first labyrinth walk was with you.

I had never done a labryinth before nor did I know anything about them. I was looking forward simply to a nice, pleasant hour spent in the fresh air…I was open and curious, but had no real expectations or knowledge of what the experience might be like. I did not anticipate it to be such a powerful emotional experience.

It was very important to have the introduction and suggestions beforehand. That really helped me understand what the purpose of the labyrinth is, and inspired me to treat it as an opportunity to dive deeper inward and learn something about myself. I had a very emotional experience, and felt very supported by you and the rest of the group.

I’m really grateful that my first experience was in a guided group, because I now have a framework for approaching a walk on my own in the future. I’m positive that if I had walked the labyrinth for the first time either alone or without any guidance, it would not have been nearly as powerful.

I love the universality of the labyrinth, as well as its deceptive simplicity. It’s accessible to all ages. It can be a lovely walk in the sunshine or a deep dive into the soul – and either way, it’s all positive. There’s something powerful about the archetype as well – we don’t even have to understand it in order for it to work its magic on us.

I had many insights that have continued to resonate for me even weeks later. I’ve gone from not being at all aware of labyrinths to intending to seek them out in the future on my travels.”

Christina Ferrari Muller, Editorial Consultant

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