Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

It’s a way to find your way back home. To come back to your inner wisdom. To transform your life.

It’s remembering the life you would love to live and calling it back.

Want to change your life? The good news is, it’s possible, and it’s all in your hands. Also, there is no other place to start but where you are. And therefore no need to wait.

Consider hiring me as your coach, and as a first step, contact me to organize a complimentary, no obligation 20-minute phone or skype session before you decide to commit.

Together we can look for the answers which you already carry within yourself so that you can change your picture, and change your life


What clients are saying about working with me.


These are the two conventional life coaching options I offer: (equus coaching options here)

Individual Sessions in person (Alberton, South Africa), or on the phone, or via skype.

Life Coaching Sessions in person, via skype or on the phone.



Workshops & Retreats,which are two sides of the same coin. At the one you work, at the other, you rest. You advance, you hold back. You try things out, you reflect on how that went.

This is a natural pattern. It’s like an infinity loop, like a see-saw that always comes back to balance because it has been up and down in opposite directions.

Aikido exercises

I offer variations of this natural pattern at different times. Sometimes I offer a reteat or a workshop with another healing professional, such as a fellow coach, or someone who wields art as a healing power. Sometimes I offer it on my own. Either way you are assured of personal attention, genuine interest and vast respect for your own process and your own wisdom.

Examples of retreats & workshops:

Extensive teacher’s workshop to practise various life coaching techniques

Inside Out Retreat Mornings

Next events are announced here, in my newsletter and on my facebook page. You can also send me an email requesting information as it becomes available.


[All options I offer – including Life Coaching, Equus Coaching & Labyrinths]