My mission is to show women how to access, trust and honour their own wisdom.

Offering retreats to women is e the ideal format for me to do this. A retreat offers a chance for sisterhood to happen (always a great addition to any experience), plus a chance to explore some insights and methods experientially for yourself in a safe and supported environment.

There is time to observe and notice, rest, play, be curious, be daring and be inspired. And if all goes well, the re-entry plan you craft on the retreat makes the transition from euphoric self-knowledge to daily grind possible without losing the treasured insights the retreat offers you.

The retreat allows you to discover your own language (the one your true self wants to use to communicate with you) and your own wisdom (that looks and sounds and feels different to anybody else’s). The retreat opens up your horizons, and gives you options to choose from. It also helps you find courage and trust within yourself so that you can benefit from your newly-found wisdom with confidence.


Here’s the latest retreat offering.