Life Coaching with Horses

What is Life Coaching with Horses?

This blog post explains a lot about how I think about this work these days.

Horses are unique animals who can, surprising as it sounds, teach us much about ourselves if we know how to look.

During a life coaching session that includes the help of a horse, a client interacts with a horse (on the ground – no riding – no previous horse experience needed) and undesired patterns become visible fairly quickly. In working out the problem as it presents itself with the horse, it becomes obvious that there are options with regards to the similar problem in the rest of the client’s life. It’s all about trial and error – there are no hard answers, and each client has an infinite number of ideas they can play with to see what works for them and the problem at hand.

Equus Coaching

Using horses in coaching works brilliantly, because during a life coachingsession with horses clients have a visceral experience that they integrate much more easily than having a “head conversation” about a problem. Insights appear magically, it seems.

What is  most magical to me is that horses see us. Really see us. See through us, if you will. Since they have no hidden agenda, they show you, like a mirror, what they see in you. 

No matter what they see, they are still ready at any moment to show you they notice changes in you. Just as their trust is not a contract they are bound to for life if you show them trust is not appropriate, they never write you off for life either. They are who they are in the moment, and allow you to be who you are in the moment, and if it feels good for them for the two of you to connect in the moment, they are open to that. If not, they don’t make irrevocable judgments about you. 

There is honest feed-back all the time – something we do not get from people. 

My mentor in this wonderful work has been Koelle Simpson. Read more about life coaching with horses on my blog, and on a participant’s blog.

I have also organized several  workshops in South Africa presented by Koelle Simpson, my teacher and mentor. If  you would like to be on the mailing list to hear about the next one, contact me. There may be one in the offing in 2018.

Testimonials from clients who have done this work.

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