Comments from Clients: Labyrinths

“The experience of walking the labyrinth in a group with you exceeded my expectation:  the collective energy had an effect on me in terms of feeling care and respect for those around me.  I have walked many labyrinths by myself before but found that the sharing of space with others enhanced awareness and self-insight. Your introductory comments were comprehensive and I like that you invited participation from  the group and brought respect and care to the group by your presence and who you are. “

-Adolien Brand, life coach

“My expectations were far exceeded.  I wasn’t expecting that the labyrinth walk would be as emotional as it was, and I also wasn’t expecting that I would feel such a strong connection to the other members of the group.  I hadn’t realized that one might into a labyrinth with a question or issue that might want attention.  You opened my mind to so many possibilities. Loved the silence and how I could connect with myself, with nature, with the ground, and with everyone else in the group. I could sense that the you were holding a warm, safe space for me as well as for the rest of the group and keeping us together as a coherent group where we were free to explore our own path and at the same time, be connected to the group energy.”

-Maryna Smuts

“I appreciated the respectful way you presented the opportunity. The individual meditation and journalling time at the end of the group labyrinth walk was great. This time was necessary for the complete assimilation of the experience.”

-Jacqueline Teague

“I had never done a labryinth before nor did I know anything about them. I was looking forward simply to a nice, pleasant hour spent in the fresh air…I was open and curious, but had no real expectations or knowledge of what the experience might be like. I did not anticipate it to be such a powerful emotional experience.

It was very important to have the introduction and suggestions beforehand. That really helped me understand what the purpose of the labyrinth is, and inspired me to treat it as an opportunity to dive deeper inward and learn something about myself. I had a very emotional experience, and felt very supported by you and the rest of the group.

I’m really grateful that my first experience was in a guided group, because I now have a framework for approaching a walk on my own in the future. I’m positive that if I had walked the labyrinth for the first time either alone or without any guidance, it would not have been nearly as powerful.

I love the universality of the labyrinth, as well as its deceptive simplicity. It’s accessible to all ages. It can be a lovely walk in the sunshine or a deep dive into the soul – and either way, it’s all positive. There’s something powerful about the archetype as well – we don’t even have to understand it in order for it to work its magic on us.

I had many insights that have continued to resonate for me even weeks later. I’ve gone from not being at all aware of labyrinths to intending to seek them out in the future on my travels.

You did a beautiful job facilitating this workshop…I’m so grateful that my first labyrinth walk was with you.”

-Christina Ferrari Muller