Susan Viljoen, South Africa

Susan Viljoen 



Susan is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach (, and has been trained in equine work by Koelle Simpson ( Recently she was trained as a Labyrinth Facilitator by Veriditas (

She has always been intrigued and called by the unusual and the invisible and the inner life. She is a keen observer of how things around us change as we change our perspective and is forever looking for meaning in whatever happens.

Being born in South Africa, where almost everyone has a diverse ancestry, she was naturally drawn to exploring the effect her forebears had on her family and herself. This led her to Family Constellation Therapy. The energy fields that are so apparent in that work coincided well with the experience of energy work with horses she was already involved in. It was only natural that these two interests would merge.

Being with her dying father brought her to a new understanding of the influence everybody’s life has backwards and forwards. From this intense time grew an interest in how we transition not only from life to death, but also from crisis to non-crisis.

Susan is a wise magician and her clients’ secret weapon. She helps clients find and trust their own answers by inspiring curiosity. No matter what, they can rely on her nimble open-mindedness and her creative expertise on their journey to transformation.


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