Anna Kerckhoff de Sachi, Portugal

Anna Kerckhoff de Sachi


Anna has been a Koelle Simpson certified Equus Coach  ( ) since 2009 and a certified Coach for The Work ™ of  Byron Katie ( since 2011.

Originally Anna is from Hamburg, Germany, but now lives and works in South Portugal, though continues to work and offer workshops in Germany, Brazil, Spain, and other countries.

From 2002-2005, for 3 years Anna studied and trained intensively in the Instructor Program at The Monty Roberts International Learning Center in California, where she worked directly with Monty Roberts and his instructors. During her training, the head instructor and main teacher was Koelle Simpson, who later developed the EquusCoaching method in cooperation with the work of Dr. Martha Beck.

Anna is constantly researching and learning new techniques. For the past year she has been training in the Chinese Quantum Method (CQM), which is a method to mentally access the human energy field to detect energetic weaknesses, which can can cause problems in all areas of our life, and to transform them into energetic strengths.

Anna is using CQM successfully with her horses, dogs, children, husband and in her coaching work with clients, often in combination with the Byron Katie work or equine assisted coaching.

In 2013 Anna and her husband Claudio Sacchi, a veterinarian, founded the non-profit organization “Hand in Hoof” ( The objective is to create a center that mutually benefits horses and humans. Currently they are mostly helping horses in need.

 In her free time, Anna enjoys to spend time with her family (they have two sons). She loves to be in nature, with animals of all kinds and family and friends. Another passion of hers is travelling and she has been to all continents.


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