About me

My work in the world is to guide you to find your own wisdom and your own truth. 

I stand for freedom.

I stand for meaning.

I guide clients to make their own discoveries because I am willing not to know the answers.

I keep an open mind while keenly observing and assessing what could change.

I support by seeing the bigger picture.

I stand for the awareness of the choices before us at any time, especially in the hard times.  

My gift is my firm belief that we all have the wisdom within to make the best choice at any time. 


You and Me:

Together we can discover the answers that are escaping you at present.

Before you commit you are most welcome to make an appointment for a complimentary 20 -minute consultation on the phone , in order to raise any questions or concerns you may have, and to get a better idea of whether we will be a good fit.

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More about me:

I am an INFP, a 5 on the Enneagram, and 8472 on the Kolbe Index.

What this means is that you can be sure I know what I am talking and that I offer only well-thought through opinions. It also means I am open to new insights up until the very last moment before closing judgment. I am comfortable with not knowing all the answers, because I know how to get them. I am creative, curious and quite brave,. I am an unconventional, independent thinker who delivers innovative solutions.

I have lived in South Africa all my life, but love travelling the world. My family and I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I hold a BA(Ed) degree from the University of Pretoria and have taught children of all ages over the years. I have been trained by Martha Beck  and am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach.  I have been trained by Koelle Simpson in life coaching with horses and I am a Veriditas Certified Facilitator.

When I read Martha Beck’s book, “Steering by Starlight”, in a dark personal time, the possibility to change my circumstances by changing my thinking appealed to me a great deal.

At the time our extended family was coping with a sudden and life-threatening illness my brother-in-law had contracted and I decided that if the strategies expounded by Martha were useful, they had to work in our case too.

So, I tested them, and, to my amazement, they worked.

There really was a way to change the suffering I was experiencing. There really was another way to live.

There is another way for you too. Let’s explore that.


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