About you

This is the place from where you can start your journey back to meaning when something has stopped making sense in your world. 

Welcome Home!     

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Perhaps you have lost hope for some reason, or you have arrived at a point where your usual ways of dealing with  life no longer works.

Or, you may find yourself in the midst of a transition, where things are changing and you are being jolted out of your usual comfort zone.

Perhaps there is a crisis such as dealing with death or dying. Or parenting teenagers. Upheaval at work. Or at home.

If so, I am here to tell you there is hope. And other ways of approaching your problem. And that you probably already have all the insights you need to navigate this situation.

It’s just that you are not seeing them clearly just now and could do with some support until you do.

If you feel at home on my website, then I know we will get along well. I might be just the person you want to help you find your way and your own answers again.

My guess is you like looking at beautiful colours and images; getting inspired; exploring connection to others, nature, ourselves and the divine, whatever you conceive that to be.

You like growing as a person and want to find a calm centre within yourself.

What you don’t like is not having all the answers. Feeling unsafe in the world. Unstable. Uncertain. Having lost purpose. Not being sure anything has meaning any longer.

Let’s get you back on track and ready to discover your answers. Let’s be curious together about where your treasure lies and what will lead you there. Go Here. 

An uncertain time is an exciting time:  when nothing is certain, everything is possible.

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Here’s what happens when you work with me: 

You get to know you. You find your brave soul again. You find what you need and the courage to ask for it. You start making sense of what is happening. You clarify things for yourself and others. You find the direction you now want for your life. You identify the people who will support you. You make changes with confidence.

Next step:

Make it happen. Go here. 

I am excited to get to know you and learn how I can help you be your whole self again. So we can all benefit from your gifts to the world.