Your Highest Value Holds the Key

May 4, 2017

What non-physical thing can you not do without?


Freedom. Grace. Unconditional love. Joy. Excitement. Boundaries. Respect. Softness. Belief. Compassion.


The answers are as varied as humankind. And there are no wrong ones. Each answer is beautiful.


Becoming aware of what it is that you will not compromise on, what is so important to you, is a great realization. Sometimes just the awareness of what this is for you, can be huge in your life.


Here is an advanced step:


Once you know what your answer is (and I invite you to feel into that before you carry on reading, if you have not done so yet), call your answer X and then ask: How much of X am I offering to myself?


The answer to that little question has the power to change your whole life. In most cases, no matter how highly we value X, we often do not fully gift ourselves the sovereignty of X.


Very interesting, right? Why would you not embody this quality that you value so highly?


The answers to that question will lead you on a path of discovery that will most certainly include personal growth.


Dare to try it.


freedom is my highest value

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