Living in Awareness

January 11, 2017

I recently posted a series of questions for reflection on facebook. #livinginawareness2017


Here are all of the questions in a bundle:


1. What centres you? [Definition of being centred: Feeling grounded, safe, sure. Able to act from your core being, rather than react to the outside world.]


2. What gives you a little jolt of joy inside when you think about it or experience it?


3. What makes you feel connected not only to yourself, but to everything that is?


4. What makes you feel strong and well in your body?


5. What are you seriously curious about?


Five questions, the answers to which could guide your life in a new direction.


The process and the answers will be helpful in living your year in awareness.


Awareness of how you experience the world.


Awareness of how you can influence and shape that experience.


Perhaps it’s worth noting down some of your answers, perhaps reflecting on them a little, seeing how you can pursue some of your answers during the course of 2017.


You can start anew anywhere, you know. Not only the first of January of a year.


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