Just Get Out

May 17, 2015

I have been running circles around myself. I like walking. I need walking.

And yet, recently, I have not been walking.

Strange how that happens.

I know there is something going on with this. And I’m working on it.

Not completely successfully as yet.

This weekend, though, I just followed the feel-good, got out in nature, and walked. I breathed, I laughed, I saw, I heard, I felt, I tasted, I smelled.

I still don’t know what’s up with me not walking regularly. But I had a damned good time doing just that this weekend. Twice.

This experience may just provide me with a touchstone that will help turn the wheels of whatever is going on until I get it.

And it might just be such a pleasant memory, that it motivates me to just get out and walk the next time.

And the next.

Until I walk it all out.

“Let it be easy. Struggle is not required.” – Allan Cohen

Walk it out

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