Travel Reveals the Magic in Life

January 24, 2015

When you read this, we will be travelling in Vietnam, on the other side of the world. 

Getting ready to “move” to such an exotic location for a little while (just a week or two) made me ponder the magic that enters my life every time I travel. Here are some of the things I love about travel:

– I am a bit of an eclectic gatherer in my normal life, and I live that out in the souvenirs I buy on trips, but what I love about travelling is that I have such a pared down wardrobe / cosmetics stash. Lots of freedom comes from that. Getting dressed happens very fast in the morning – no waiting before the next adventure!

– If I travel in a very hot country, I usually stop using make-up altogether, since it only runs into my eyes anyway. Very freeing. I leave behind the worry about whether I look presentable before leaving the house.

-I never travel with a hair-dryer. So, there is no fuss around doing the hair. (Not that there is ever much of that going on, mind you.)

-No worrying about laundry. The agreement in our family is that everyone washes the clothes they wish to be clean in the shower with themselves on a trip.

-No bulky purse with lots of credit cards and coins. Instead a stream-lined small bag with passport and credit card and flat compartment for money. All carried on the body. No looking for handbags all over the house!

-I purposefully look for photo opportunies. You know: Kodak moments. They actually exist all around us every day at home too. We just don’t pull out a camera as much at home. And so we miss a lot of the magic all around.

-When exploring a new country, I am usually very eagerly active, so no worries about getting in my exercise.

-Travel broadens not only the mind, but also the capacity for allowing mistakes, since things inevitably do go wrong at some point. And me, I can do with that lesson being reinforced. It only does me good in my normal life to be more flexible.

-When travelling, I listen to my body so carefully. Am I thirsty? Tired? Do I feel like doing this, or would I rather do that? Would I like some yoga this morning before we get ready for another day out and about? My body gets a say all the time. And it works out so well for me! If I listen to my body, there is so much ease.

– I record the miracles I experience in my ever-present pocket travel diary. I savour the miracles. I come home and I tell everyone about them.

-I make time to talk to ordinary people. The onese who cook. Who serve a drink. Who hand make something. The children kicking a ball down the street. And they always enrich my life. At home.. I am in too much of a hurry.


What does travel reveal to you? Share with me!

The Freedom of Travel

“I’ve learnt that nothing is impossible and all things work out if you wait.” –Gail Diers after travelling Africa for 6 years on a motorbike

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Susan February 16, 2015 at 15:56

Here’s a really good article on National Geographic about how to approach travelling:


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