I Give Thanks

November 28, 2014

Sunrise by the sea I am grateful for the temperate climate I live in.

That I have a garden, with birds visiting.

For a husband who loves that I am not like all the others.

For all the horses in the world, who are only a thought away in the everywhen.

For friends I have made near and far over the past few years, despite the fact that I actually struggle with letting people in close.

For children who are starting to like their parents again after the sturm & drang years.

For soft fabrics, and bohemian jewellery, and loving cats, and books, and unlimited knowledge and understanding and meaning on tap.

For endless choices and opportunities every day.

The ease of movement yoga brings me.

Labyrinths of all kinds.

And sunsets.

Crazy siblings and unusual parents.

And Phtalo Blue. Sap Green. Burnt Sienna.


My heart.

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