Take Me To Your Leader

September 23, 2014

Notice who or what you put in charge of making you happy. It could be a loved one. Your job. Money. Your weight.




Here is the formula to solve this puzzle and make visible to you the false hope you harbour:


If only my in-laws would leave me to live my own life, I would be able to focus on what is important to me instead of on them.

If only I had better working conditions, I would give my best to the job.

If only I had enough money, I would do more fun stuff in my free time.

If only I could stop overeating, I would buy the kind of clothes that make me feel alive.


When you are putting someone or something else in charge of you, you are absolving yourself from any responsibility for your own happiness.

You are allowing  yourself to remain a victim. You are allowing yourself to blame others or external circumstances.

You are allowing yourself to keep yearning instead of receiving. You are allowing yourself to be unfulfilled.


You have two choices here: remain stuck in this interminable pattern, or get up and take up your own responsibilities and give yourself what you so fervently wish for.

Focus on what is important to you instead of focusing on others.

Just give your best.

Do more fun stuff.

Wear clothes that make you feel alive.


Give yourself what you need.


I invite you to try this for a month.


I challenge you.


Change your picture about this. If you don’t, you will never know if this perspective is right or not.


You may just change your life.


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