True Currency

June 13, 2014

I have found my true currency, thanks to Anna Kunnecke. Yes, even coaches need coaches…

During her recent Queen Sweep programme, she pointed participants to this blog post by Kristen Kalp, which made me think of what it is that I don’t have any qualms spending money on, as opposed to the myriad of things I do have qualms about.

Freedom, Growth, Knowledge. These are what I trade in. Not bank notes. The currency of freedom, growth and knowledge is what enables me to make meaning in the world. Being able to do that, is far, far more important to me than any number of banknotes.

Keeping a little reminder of my true currency in the same compartment as my “real” money is really helping me make decisions about money more easily.

My true currency

My true currency


What’s your true currency? And how can the awareness of what that is, help you feel more ease?

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