Often people are not sure what it is that I do: life coaching, yes, but WITH HORSES? What do you mean?

I love explaining, but really the best way is to see it for yourself. So, I have organised a tiny event to that purpose. See if you want to attend.

This is what I plan for the event – of course we will remain in perpetual creative response mode to whatever happens, but this is the planned outline.

I will demo the relationship between human and horse, and explain as I go. That part is interesting enough.

That might be all horse owners and riders are interested in.

There is so much more, though!

I will also explain how the reactions of the horse make clear to us what is going on with us at that moment. And how there can be communication between us and the horse on that topic.

The horse is really just a vehicle to make these things visible to us. Whether we know it or not, this process happens ALL THE TIME with everybody.

We send out a message all the time, and the people and animals around us (the universe, if you want), receive it (consciously or sub-consciously) and react accordingly.

We then have a choice: we can change OUR message so that the outcome is closer to what we really want. Or not.

Making the choice on purpose is only possible if we are aware of our own energy and the results it produces for us in the moment.

The horse is an honest and immediate feedback-giver so we can become aware of what typically happens for us and the environment around us as we send out our messages.

We can experiment right there, with the horse, and see what happens when we change that message, because the horse cannot help but give us immediate and clear feedback.

Once we know what that feels like in our bodies, we are better equipped to switch our message in other situations (where no horse is handy).

All of this allows you to be more aware of your own wisdom as you make decisions in the moment. And it makes you more aware of the power you carry within yourself.

Where does life coaching come in?

Sometimes the awareness of the possibility of switching of the message lets some obstacles surface. Those are coachable.

Sometimes the messages you or others have been sending have been causing their own obstacles and have brought about assumptions, trauma, hard emotions. All of these are coachable.

Sometimes the idea that we are responsible for our own lives, and cannot truthfully blame ANYONE else for our situation, is unacceptable or scary for people. That is super coachable.

You could say that the horse helps make things clear, where things were muddy and confusing before.

And from that clarity you can make better informed choices about your own life.

And a life coach can help, guide, encourage and hold you accountable during the process to empower yourself.

The event:

On Saturday 22 April, you have the opportunity to not only watch this play out as an observer, but one or two people will also have the opportunity to volunteer to experience some of this in the ring with a horse for themselves.

I look forward to sharing this magic with you!


Click here for the Facebook event 22 April 2017 at Jumangi’s Equestrian in Eikenhof, Johannesburg, South Africa.



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