This past weekend I was struck by the spontaneous and immediate reaction of people in the  USA in the aftermath of their new president’s order on Friday.


This order, banning even long-time residents of the USA, took immediate effect, and severely impacted  those already in the air at the time of signing the order. These people were detained upon arrival in the US.


The reaction from the communities around international airports in the USA was to gather, protest,  show solidarity, offer help and  compassion to those detained, as well as their loved ones who had  come to meet them at the airport.


As outsiders to this drama, many of us witness these events with astonishment. But it’s ultimately “their” problem, right? It has nothing to do with us. Some start fear-mongering, because what could be the eventual repercussions to the world as a whole, and  so to us? Either way we can point fingers and point out what seems ridiculous or inhumane to us, and even make comparisons with people we know. He’s acting like a real Donald Trump, and  so on.


I’d like to offer a different perspective on what is really going on.


When anyone, including Donald Trump, does something we disapprove of, we have a clear idea of what they should be doing instead. It is in that should- statement that we find the key to our own enlightenment.


Play along with me for a moment. Let’s say our thought is  Donald Trump should act more humane by considering the situations of others.  Or show more respect. Or think of the consequences of his actions. Take your pick.


If you know The Work of Byron Katie, you will know the next question to ask is whether this is true. And then, whether you can know that it is absolutely, universally true.


Let’s say, in this case, we have said YES resoundingly both times.


Now comes the question, what happens, how do you react, when you believe  Donald Trump should  consider other people. Detail all the emotion that answers that question. Notice how your body reacts when you believe this thought. How is your relationship with the Divine impacted?  Consider how you treat others. And yourself.


Now ask the next question. What happens when you, even just for a moment, lose the thought, Donald Trump should act more humane.  Again, consider each aspect of your life as you answer.


You now have a clear picture of what the thought does to you, as well as the freedom that will come from not believing it.


At this point, you may be ready to see if you can substitute another thought for the original. One that may be equally true for you, but one that will move you forward, instead of keeping you stuck in the personal hell you have just described.


Traditionally, you now concoct three other thoughts, using the negative, the other and the self. That could look like this: Donald Trump should not consider other people. Other people should consider Donald Trump. I should consider other people.


Now you may be sitting up. What? Me? I have something to do with this?


[There is  step in between that I am skipping here. I highly recommend visiting to see the full method illustrated.]


To me, what is being highlighted so clearly in the USA, is something we should all see as in a mirror.


Where are we doing this to our own personal world? Where are we showing the same kind of character as Donald Trump?


The real questions look something like this.


Where are we not respectful of other people’s humanity? Where are we making decisions we say are for the good of others, but really are pretty much all about us? Where are we disrespectful of someone else? Where are we making sweeping generalizations? Where are we cashing in on other people’s fear?


What is happening in your house? What does it look like in your heart and in the thoughts that you keep covered? How do you treat people at work? Who are you diminishing because you fear something?


As of old, it’s not about pointing out the sawdust in someone else’s eye, but bout noticing the plank in our own.


Everything we encounter in life is for US to take note of. For US to grow from.


Not everyone realizes this. And certainly only a select few actually do grow. But the challenge, and the invitation remain. How do you answer?



Living in Awareness

January 11, 2017

I recently posted a series of questions for reflection on facebook. #livinginawareness2017


Here are all of the questions in a bundle:


1. What centres you? [Definition of being centred: Feeling grounded, safe, sure. Able to act from your core being, rather than react to the outside world.]


2. What gives you a little jolt of joy inside when you think about it or experience it?


3. What makes you feel connected not only to yourself, but to everything that is?


4. What makes you feel strong and well in your body?


5. What are you seriously curious about?


Five questions, the answers to which could guide your life in a new direction.


The process and the answers will be helpful in living your year in awareness.


Awareness of how you experience the world.


Awareness of how you can influence and shape that experience.


Perhaps it’s worth noting down some of your answers, perhaps reflecting on them a little, seeing how you can pursue some of your answers during the course of 2017.


You can start anew anywhere, you know. Not only the first of January of a year.



The Secret of the Wild Women is Out!

May 18, 2016

Wild Women Retreat – get all the info here!   Wild Women Retreat Photo Gallery (Showing the venue in Kaapsehoop and some previous retreat experiences)

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Come Away with The Faeries!

January 4, 2016

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Allow Joy

November 27, 2015

Today, try this:   Allow yourself to express who you are IN THE MOMENT, without wondering or worrying about judgement from others.   You know. As though you were all alone in the forest..  

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Random Meetings (a Celebration of the Being of Kimberly Davis, 43)

July 12, 2015

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Changing Change Part 1

July 1, 2015

As humans, most of us fear change. It seems with change always comes the unknown, something we are prepared by evolution to fear. If that is true, it means we are being normal, reasonable human beings when we feel resistance to change. Realizing this does not remove our discomfort, though. Here are some ways to […]

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Just Get Out

May 17, 2015

I have been running circles around myself. I like walking. I need walking. And yet, recently, I have not been walking. Strange how that happens. I know there is something going on with this. And I’m working on it. Not completely successfully as yet. This weekend, though, I just followed the feel-good, got out in […]

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In The Cage

March 16, 2015

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Travel Reveals the Magic in Life

January 24, 2015

When you read this, we will be travelling in Vietnam, on the other side of the world.  Getting ready to “move” to such an exotic location for a little while (just a week or two) made me ponder the magic that enters my life every time I travel. Here are some of the things I […]

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